Hate Speech

Hate speech is something that everyone in the world has been hurt by at some point in their lives, even if they have no idea that they were being attacked.

What is hate speech?

It is using words to attack someone based on one of the following reasons: sexual orientation, gender identity, race, religion, ethnic origin, gender or disabilities.

When you look at where we are standing right now on the subject at hand, many people are thinking that it should be banned completely but, many are concerned how this will affect others.

Let us take a minute to look at the pro’s and con’s of the situation.


It allows people to feel safe with who they are without having to be scared of other people attacking them based on personal views, after all, we were all taught that if you cannot say something nice, then you should not say anything at all.

It might force other people to understand minorities more than just keeping a closed mind towards them, when they get the feeling that they have no other choice but, to try to understand and react in a positive way rather than bashing on previous theories or beliefs, we have two ears and one mouth, it is about time to start following that ratio and seeing if it makes a difference in the world.

It will allow everyone to have the right to feel equal and it will help them feel comfortable in their own skin, we have created a world where if you are different, you have to feel horrible about yourself because of it, due to this reason, many people have a rough enough time battling their own inner demons about what separates them from the rest of the world, that is hard enough, they do not need the added on hate from others.

A particularly alarming fact about hate speech is that it is often the precursor for suicides – the sad case of Jessica Laney is just one of many such examples of people ending their own lives as a direct result of hate speech. By eliminating hate speech in our society, people of all ages will no longer be forcibly placed into that sort of emotional state of despair and loneliness, meaning that suicide rates will go down significantly.

In fact, by not being able to be torn down by hate speech, it would change the way people view the world and themselves, which is going to craft a healthier and happier world to live in, making people want to stay here.

It will increase creativity and allow people to feel like they have the freedom to be themselves, because we will not longer live in a place where you will feel like you have to become something else to fit in, which is not only good for the ones who have endured it but, it will greatly help those who are yet to be born into this world.


There are absolutely zero cons with this movement, there can be no negative views when you are banning something that prevents someone else in this world from getting hurt.

We are all in this world together and we need to understand that, no one is better than anyone, regardless of what makes them different than the majority of the world.