College Students Are Liberals

There is no doubt that when looking at the younger voters they are going against the normal standings that have taken over politics for so many years.

The younger generations are going towards ideas that are making life better for everyone, they are trying to protect the environment.

They are not only the biggest contributors to making weed legal, which creates hemp products that are better for the environment but, they are also turning vegan to help save animals and care about the future of the planet and the creatures that are here to share this planet.

They want to have a say in how taxes are being spent in the country as well as lessening the taxes around the country to better the lives of lower and middle class people, which is going to open more jobs to thousands of people within a years time.

They want to empower others to make the best choices for their health, life and the wellness of others.

They want to encourage people to go after their dreams no matter how big or small of an effect they may have on the rest of the world, they are still valid.

The college age students want to help those who are vulnerable in this world, the poor, the people who are trying to make a difference, they are fighting against sexism, racism, unnecessary violence and many more, that we as a country have let go on for far to long.

The liberal’s are also trying to do more to support small businesses, which is not only better for the environment but, will allow a greater opening of jobs, happiness and protection for the Earth and the economy.

They are ready to see a change in this world for the better, we teach them history so we make sure that history does not repeat itself and I think that this generation is the first one since the seventies, that is walking around with open eyes.

They are able to take a look around the world, see what is wrong with it, see what needs to be fixed, knowing that they are powerful enough to do it themselves, they know that one person can change the world, one day at a time and they want to see the best possible future for the Earth, themselves, their families and the rest of the world.

Everyone knows that the world will never be perfect and there will always be people that cause chaos but, doing these things to try to make a difference, even if it is just a small amount of change that is being done in our lifetime, it is still something that will carry us in the right direction, towards a better place than we are currently.

College students who are Liberals, are ready to see a difference in the world as they know it and want the entire world to feel the effects that can be felt by standing up for what they believe in and try their best to make a difference while they are here for the next generations to come.