Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action – this action has been exploding along the lines of the entire world lately, almost everyone is talking about it and wants it to be pushed forwards.

What is it exactly?

It is a policy that encourages places of employment to hire skilled workers that come from groups that have been discriminated in the past.

So instead of companies only having straight white employees, they will start to integrate minorities and members of the LGBT community into their workforce – all of whom are just as skilled and able when it comes to the job at hand as their straight white counterparts.

This is an important step for the country in achieving genuine equality, giving everyone fair opportunity regardless of something that makes you different than the rest of the people who are applying for the same job, even if you are more qualified.

Far too often, you will see that white people are making more money than anyone else in the same exact work field, with the same amount of articles that should not be effecting on who you hire but, mostly because they are willing to take less pay to do the same job.

It would definitely be a great step in the right direction to ensure that no one feels like they are being treating wrongfully due to things they have no control over such as gender, race, or place of origin.

It is not fair to make a decision in hire for a job, something we all need, based off what your identifying characteristics are, such as your gender, race or place of origin.

It is about time that we take a stand for people who are born the same way we are, when we are the ones who created the barriers between things that are different or not what we are used to.

The world has been spinning far to long to only now be taking a stand against the indifference that is created in the work force but, late is better than never.

It is just a shame that so many people have been personally affected in pay and opportunity due to something that society says is correct.

This is going to hopefully change that opinions of millions of people who are against people entering the work force, this is hopefully going to make other people realize that we are all equal and deserve the same opportunities as others, regardless of who we are or what we look like on the outside.

People from different areas of the world, women and those of different race are what we need to have in the work force, I mean, just think about it.

If you gather people who are from different areas and mindsets, the world of business that we currently know will change in a huge way from the different upbringings that are being presented and actually executed in the office, to touch outside of a white board and to start making a difference in the world.

When it comes to the Affirmative Action, it could be one of the best things to happen to the country in the near future and it will be amazing to see what it grows into once it starts taking course through out the work force, everyone deserve to be given the same opportunities, instead of having someone else make the choices for others.