Campus Rape

When you go to college you are going to make a better life for your future self, you are trying very hard to make sure that you have the best life possible for yourself, your family and your legacy.

During this time, you are going to want to take a break, go to the local park, head out for a nightly stroll to clear your mind or go out to a local party in the community to have a fun night out with your new friends but, while you are a woman and you are going about your every day life, the one thing that you should never worry about is being sexually assaulted.

It seems like when you are raped in college, the school systems try to keep it a secret that remains on campus and sometimes they never get to the local police.

They are making women feel like it is their fault, since most of them are still trying to transition into adult hood without the guidance of a parent, which makes them more vulnerable to try to fit in and try to scramble their brains to make the right decision.

When the other, older adults on the campuses are telling the young women that they are doing the right thing by not pressing charges or telling anyone about what happened to them, it makes them feel like they are being guided down the right pathway which makes the situation ten times worse for the women who were hurt and the future women that are going to be hurt due to the misguidance of people who are supposed to help them.

The young women who have already been hurt or are fearful that they will be the next target, need to have safety that they do not have to be scared to go about their normal routine.

Campus rape needs to be something that is openly discussed in the classrooms and have safe places on the campus that women can go to ban together and come up with ideas that keep women safe on campus and they should have a female officer on campus at all times.

This officer will be someone who is available to give the women someone to talk to when they feel afraid or have been raped in college.

There are so many reasons that covering up college rapes are bad not only for the upcoming kids who are going to start their education but, the ones who have already been hurt and are still living with the trauma today.

Men do not have the right to attack a woman no matter if she is sober, how she is dressed or that they think she did something to make them think that she wanted it.

More women need to be aware that rape is not something they should be ashamed of, it is something that should not have happened to them in the first place and standing up against their attacker is better than staying silent, not just for their own healing process but, to ensure that no other woman would ever be hurt by the same man ever again.

And for those women who have experienced such events, or even for those who are fearful of such a thing happening to them, there are plenty of alternatives for living a fulfilling life in all aspects. One great example of this is the use of sex toys, like those sold at Blissful Cherry, in order to achieve sexual fulfillment in lieu of real-life partners – at least until you are ready to trust the world around you and take that leap of faith.

Making decisions like this, along with other sorts of compromises, are all a part of dealing with the prevalence of campus rape in today’s society. Although we all wish it wasn’t the case, this is the reality of the world we live in today, making it all the more important that everyone realizes the seriousness of campus rape as a whole.