Welcome to Political Conferences! My name is Michael Rhodes.

College campuses across the United States are becoming more and more liberal. It is a sign of the changing times, and it is definitely a good thing for this country.

However, with such change comes a lot of questions and concerns, especially from the right side of the political spectrum. In many cases, there are conservative college students who come at the majority of college liberals and ask all sorts of questions, many times catching unsuspecting college students off guard.

For those college students who definitely lean towards the liberal end of the political spectrum and want to be more knowledgeable (and therefore prepared) when it comes to expressing their beliefs, PoliticalConferences.org is the place to be.

Check out our site for highly relevant and up-to-date topics that all liberals should know about, especially liberals who are still in college or fresh out of college. We are in the midst of a political battle with conservatives that will ultimately decide America’s future, so we all need to be prepared.